Gateway Netconnect 19-inch Fixed Optical Fiber Interconnection Units are the smaller basic patch panel & cabinets used in interconnecting, cross-connecting, or splicing applications in LANs at a premise location. The LIU (optical fiber interconnecting unit) is modular and suitable for optical cable installation, bare fibers splicing & protection, pigtails storage & management. The number of fibers determines which LIU is appropriate for the application. The Gateway Netconnect 1U Series Combination Shelves help you save time & money to manage your cable resources efficiently. By using these shelves to terminate and splice fibers, you can rearrange cabling quickly and keep track of your fiber resources. Efficient fiber management also helps save on maintenance and replacement costs.


  •  Suitable for interconnect in cables distribution or between cables and optical equipments
  • Space saving with its compact & small design of enclosure
  • Front door design is easy for operation & fibers expansion
  • Can manage both splices and terminations
  • Can include adapter panels for maximum 24 ports LC/SC and 12 ports ST/FC terminations
  • Rubber fiber slotted bracket built-in, metal splice shelf to protect the fibers
  • Snap-in locker design, easy to change adapter panels for flexible configuration & easy installation
  • Top & bottom cable entry is easy with rubber plug 





Specifications :
Metal Draw Steel, 1.5mm Thickness 410 x309 x 38.80mm (DxWxH) 1U, Black or Beige
Metal Outer Shelf  Steel, 1.5mm Thickness  430 x 250 x 43.65mm (DxWxH) 1U, Black or Beige
Metal Mounting Ear  Steel, 2.0mm Thickness  75 x 26.3 x 43.65mm (DxWxH) 2 Pieces, Black or Beige
Splice Tray    Plastic 224 x 107 x 12.2mm (DxWxH) Containers 12, 24 fibers
Adapter Panel Steel, 1.5mm Thickness  109.4 x 35.4mm (WxH) 3 Panels, Black or Beige
Cable Plug   Rubber 28mm Diameter  For 2 Cable Entries