Why Clickcel Signage?

  •     Plug and Play
  •    Easy to deploy and Monitor
  •    Ease of Use
  •    Highly Scalable
  •    High Availability
  •    Secured
  •    Integration and Customization 

Centralized Display Management


Centralized platform for all Display with Content status, last see status, current network status etc.

Supports displays of any size, resolution and orientation.Quick and very easy registration process.

Monitor and manage device uptime and connectivity.

Manage display properties and tag them for easy search and schedule, very ease and fast content assigning from the dashboard.

Remotely manage and troubleshooting option like clear cache, app reboot & live screenshot.

Content Scheduling


Calendar view with better and clear visibility for schedule management

Comprehensive options available for scheduling such as daily, weekly & monthly

Options to set your default schedule, when no contents are scheduled on the display

Schedule can be edited in terms of time/day and insertion/deletion of contents on a real-time basis.

Supported File Types

  •   Images : JPEG, PNG, BMP
  •  Videos : MP4, MPEG, AVI, MOV
  •  Document : PDF 

Supported Display & Layout

In addition to regular screens, Gateway signage also supports Touch Enabled screens, Tabs and Kiosks Customized layouts can be created by just drawing zones on the layout canvas