Facility management services

Global Gateway Infratech checks in, when your workforce checks out, offering full operational support round the clock to ensure that timelines and milestones are attained well before prescribed deadlines.
Checking for the final output's quality after the completion of project is taken care by our facility management service expertise team. Once all the tasks are completed, our facility management service team checks for the maintenance and makes sure that this is retained as time passes with no compromise in the quality of completed tasks. Without this important step no task can be professionally accomplished. And we realize this hence we supervise even the minute details extensively to achieve the desired perfection.

Our services include:

  • Dedicated resources for after-hours support, inclusive of weekends
  • Coordination of all required internal and external resources
  • On-site participation when required
  • Installation of corporate intranets/extranets
  • Virtual private networks
  • Internet data centers
  • Call centers
  • Facility management services for LAN